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Over 60 years of quality production.

In 1951, NICIEZA Y TAVERNA BROS. began manufacturing plastic lacing to manufacture the bags that every homemaker used at the time.

The production of monofilament fishing line began in the 60s in response to changes in techology and the demands of the market.

Bars, plates, pipes, and shapes were also produced making this the first business in the country dedicated to these products.

Automotive terminals found in NICIEZA Y TAVERNA BROS. a potential and qualified provider for the manufacturing of autoparts, and the production of piping for fuel transporters was iniciated in the 70s.

Today, a broad spectrum of additional materials are also produced, such as: monofilament line for fishing, weedeaters  textiles, tanneries, stringed items, synthetic wire, bristles, and guitar chords; polyurethane straps, pneumatic industry piping, high pressure hoses; special bars, plates, pipes, and shapes.