Sewer Cleaning Hoses

Made to unplug pipjing and sewers. Designed for high performance even with minimal curvature radiuses.

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  • Coefficient of safety of 2.5 times the working pressure. Withstands up to 2500 PSI.
  • High resistance to abrasion thanks to its novel polyurethane coating.
  • Double reinforcement of synthetic fiber of high resistance.
  • Prolonged life and high resistance to aging.
  • Flexible elastomeric polyester inner tube.
  • Polyurethane coating with high resistance to abrasion, microorganisms and UV rays.
  • Factory zinc plated terminals that guarantee its correct operation.
  • Resists temperatures from -40º C to 65º C.

Inside diameterExternal diameterMaximum working pressureMinimum burst pressureMinimum radius of curvatureWeightLength
3/4" )19 mm)30 mm2500 PSI (180 bar)6250 PSI (440 bar)140 mm430 gr/mt150 / 120 mts.
1" (25,4 mm)37 mm2500 PSI (180 bar)6250 PSI (440 bar)170 mm730 gr/mt150 / 120 mts.
1/2" (13 mm)22,5 mm2500 PSI (180 bar)6250 PSI (440 bar)95 mm230 gr/mtConsult
3/8" (9,5 mm)17,52500 PSI (180 bar)6250 PSI (440 bar)90 mm150 gr/mtConsult
1/4" (6,5 mm)14 mm2500 PSI (180 bar)6250 PSI (440 bar)70 mm90 gr/mtConsult
1/4" (6,5 mm)14 mm4000 PSI (280 bar)10150 PSI (700 bar)70 mm90 gr/mtConsult


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